2014 Burn Permit

This post was written by cbiggs on December 30, 2013
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On the peninsula, backyard burning is not permitted within the city limits of Long Beach and Ilwaco, and their urban growth areas. The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency has banned burning in these areas.

Outside of these areas, backyard burning is allowed, as are landclearing and agricultural burning.  All burning requires a permit. Permits are free. Download one here:


Backyard Burn Permits are intended for small fires made of natural vegetation. You may download a permit from this site or pick one up from the Peninsula Sanitation Office, Pioneer Market, Jack’s Country Store, the Surfside Homeowners Association Office, and the fire stations in Ocean Park and Seaview.

Please read the entire permit, sign the back and keep it with you at your burn site every time you burn.

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