Life Safety Project

The Life Safety Project was started with a grant from the Templin Foundation in 1999. Although the initial funds have been depleted, we will continue to offer these valuable community services.

Lock Boxes

A lock box is a small metal box that is mounted securely near your main entrance door, and contains your house key. Only a special high-security key can open the lock box. It is virtually un-pickable! No one has access to the house key in the lock box except authorized fire district personnel.

The lock box provides us a means for emergency access if you are unable to open the door, or if you are not home in the event of a fire. This eliminates the need for forced entry into a building, which saves time and reduces potential damage.

These lock boxes are especially valuable for individuals who live alone, or who have a medical monitor. They are also beneficial for vacation homes, where property owners may be gone for extended periods of time, leaving the house vacant.

Lockboxes are available for $35.00, which includes installation. For more information, or to place an order for a lock box, stop by the Ocean Park fire station, or call (360) 665-4451.

Reflective Address Signs

Could we find you quickly if you called 9-1-1? Locating an address in our community can sometimes be difficult, even during the day. You can help protect your home and family by marking your driveway and/or your home with reflective address signs. Not only will reflective signs make it easier for emergency personnel to locate your home, but you and your friends and relatives will appreciate the ease of locating your house at night.

Address signs are particularly important if you own rental property on the peninsula. Visitors need to know the address where they are staying, in the event they have an emergency.

Address PostsThis driveway entrance marker stands 44″ tall. The orange reflective top, and 3″ white reflective numbers on both sides of the blue post makes your address highly visible day or night. The flat marker is made of a fiberglass reinforced composite that will not become brittle, and will never fade or crack. This type of Address Sign costs $15.00.

House Numbers – Identify your home with these blue reflective 6″ x 18″ aluminum address panels. The bold 5″ white numbers are very street visible for use in town. House numbers can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to your building. This type of Address Sign costs $6.00.

We will make your address sign at the fire station, then install it for you, within the boundaries of Pacific County Fire District 1.

To order an address post or house number sign, you can download the order form here and mail it to the District Office. Or, stop by the Ocean Park fire station to order in person. If you have any questions, please call (360) 665-4451.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives by warning people about a fire while there is still time to escape. They are so effective, that the death rate in home fires with at least one working smoke detector is 45% lower than without any smoke alarms. Proper placement and installation, as well as regular testing and maintenance, are essential to provide full protection.

Pacific County Fire District 1 has information available on where smoke alarms should and shouldn’t be placed, proper mounting height, installation and maintenance tips. If you need help installing or maintaining your smoke detector, we can help you!

Smoke detectors are available from Pacific County Fire District 1 on a need basis. Donations are accepted. District personnel will install the smoke detectors for you.

For more information, or to order a smoke detector, call the District Office, 665-4451.