People Saver Program

Pacific County Fire District 1 offers CPR and First Aid instruction to individuals and businesses in our community. Our instructors follow the American Heart Association curriculum. You will receive a certification card after completion of the class. Cards are valid for two years.

If you are interested in taking a First Aid/CPR class for adults or infants, you may register at the District Office: 26110 Ridge Avenue in Ocean Park, 665-4451. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Classes must be pre-registered and pre-paid. There is no refund of class fees, unless the class must be canceled by Fire District 1. If this becomes necessary, students will be notified in advance of the cancellation and given an opportunity to reschedule.

Classes offered include:

  • Healthcare Provider CPR – A two-hour class, teaching CPR techniques that are specific to, and often required for employment in a healthcare setting. Cost: $25.00 per student, $15.00 for a one-hour renewal class.
  • First Aid/CPR/AED – A four-hour class teaching basic First Aid, Adult CPR, and use of an Automatic External Defibulator (AED). Cost: $35.00 per student.
  • CPR/AED – A two-hour class, teaching CPR and the use of an Automatic External Defibulator (AED). Cost: $25.00 per student.
  • First Aid Only– A two-hour class, teaching basic emergency First Aid for adults and Children.  Cost: $25.00 per student.