Pre-Incident Planning

The Pre-Incident Plan

The primary purpose of a pre-incident plan is to help responding personnel effectively manage emergencies with available resources. It should not be confused with fire inspections which monitor code compliance.

If you have an emergency at your location, would emergency responders know the layout of your business and how to handle possible obstacles that come up? Pre-incident planning makes responders aware of potential life safety hazards, structural size and complexity, value of the structure, importance of the structure to the community, the location of any chemicals on the property, and the property’s susceptibility to natural disasters.

A pre-incident plan gives emergency responders and overview of your business which enables them to quickly mitigate hazards in your business when they occur. The most important function of a pre-incident plan is to have a plan in place to reduce damage that may occur and to lessen the down-time of your business, which decreases your revenue.

 Pacific County Fire District No. 1 is able to create a 2-D floor plan to assist in pre-fire planning. Having this information on file enables Fire District personnel to know exactly how to locate important information that is specific to your business.

 Business Self-Inspections

Fighting a fire is not the only way to combat fires. An inspection program is a less expensive and more effective way to accomplish the goal. Business Self-Inspections are an important way to protect your business interests by reducing your fire hazards. Nobody knows your business like you do. We can help you minimize the risk of life and property loss from fire.

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