Fire Training: The firefighters of Pacific County Fire District 1 train to the requirements of NFPA standards. These requirements include training with SCBAs, hazardous materials, confined spaces, pump operations, and structural and wildland fire behavior. Volunteer firefighters and Career firefighters are held to the same training standards. Firefighters participate in weekly drills on Monday nights at alternating stations. Daily training is also scheduled during each shift.

The Washington State Fire Training Academy, located near North Bend, WA, serves local communities and state agencies by providing live fire training to fire and emergency response personnel. Pacific County Fire District 1 participates in training at the North Bend facility, as wll as the Fire Response and Research Center, located on the MERTS Campus in Astoria, OR. Other live fire trainings are conducted at acquired structures in our own community.

EMS Training: Through progressive EMS training, approximately 78% of all Pacific County Fire District 1’s career and volunteer members are Washington State certified Paramedics, EMT’s, or First Responders. Continuing education is a vital part of maintaining a high level of knowledge and expertise in services. 

Training is conducted through an On-going Training and Evaluation Program (OTEP), and through specialized classes, seminars, and conferences. Both methods are approved by the Washington State Department of Health who regulates EMS services in our state. OTEP requirements can be found in WAC 246-976-161. OTEP classes are scheduled on the third Monday of every month.