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For Immediate Release


Pacific County Fire District #1 has recently been informed by the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB) of an improvement in our community’s insurance rating score effective July 1, 2016. Below are the improvements, effective July 1st.

  • If you live within 5 miles of a recognized fire station and a hydrant is located less than 1000 feet of your home/property the score = 5 (old score = 7)
  • If you live within 5 miles of a recognized fire station and a hydrant is located greater than 1000 feet of your home/property the score = 6 (old score = 8)
  • If you live in the immediate vicinity of the Litchke Fire Station (located at 15003 Sandridge Road) your home/property score = 9 (old score = 8)

WSRB is Washington State’s source of property underwriting and rating information for the insurance industry. Their services are available, through a subscription service, to all companies that are licensed to sell property insurance in the State of Washington. WSRB calculates a communities protection class based on more than 70 criteria broken into four categories: water supply, fire department capabilities, communications, and fire control.

The scoring breakdown is as follows:

  • Water supply – 35%
  • Fire department – 40%
  • Communications – 9%
  • Fire control – 16%

Water supply evaluates water (fire) flow, hydrant locations and conditions, operation and maintenance of water systems. Fire department capabilities includes items such as the number of fire stations, age and type of apparatus, staffing levels, training standards (including certification), equipment, hose and vehicle maintenance. Communications evaluates the dispatchers and dispatch center operations. Fire control encompasses preventions programs such as code enforcement, plan review, fire and life safety inspections, and public education programs.

During December 2015 and January 2016, a WSRB representative evaluated our community through a detailed process. The process included meeting with representatives of the local water companies and fire department to review maintenance and response records, affirming personnel certifications, and several other items. WSRB had already recently evaluated the Pacific County 911 and dispatch centers, Long Beach Water and Fire Department, along with the Department of Community Development (whom controls the Fire Marshal duties and establishes building standards).

WSRB noted significant improvements to the water distributions systems, fire flow improvements, and hydrant locations, especially in the Ocean Park (North Beach Water) and Surfside areas. Additionally, improvements to the fire department operations, training, and equipment helped improve the score. Areas of concern included the lack of fire and life safety inspections, poor fire and life safety code enforcement practices, and the declassification of a remote fire station.  However, over 95% of the property owners within the Fire District’s boundaries received a significant improvement to their score.

The Fire District will continue to improve our operations and work with our partners to improve our protection class rating. However, insurance companies are increasingly utilizing different metrics to establish insurance rates (premiums). You will need to contact your insurance carrier to discuss the changes and how they may impact you.

A copy of the WSRB letter and Protection Class Report is available here.

A complete WSRB scoring guide is available here.

Click here for a map of the WSRB Protection Classes on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Click here for a map of the Water Districts on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Click here for a map of the area covered by Pacific County Fire District #1.

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