Minutes of Regular Commissioner’s Meeting – June 19, 2018

Commissioner Hill established that a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 16:00. The meeting was held at Station 1, located at 26109 Ridge Avenue, Ocean Park, WA 98640.  Attendance at the meeting included:

Commissioner Fred Hill

Commissioner Tom Downer

Commissioner Dennis Long

Fire Chief Jacob Brundage

Assistant Chief Mike Karvia

Captain Mike DeConto

Firefighter/Paramedic David Allsup

Volunteer Firefighter Kerry Jones

Volunteer FF/EMT Jack McGinley

Pub Ed Coordinator Lani Karvia

District Secretary Jamie Meling


Consent Agenda

  1. Minutes of Regular Commissioners Meeting held on May 15th, 2018
  2. May 22nd, 2018 4th Week Expenses for a total of $6,569.73
  3. June 19th, 2018 Accounts Payable expenses for a total of $237,593.22, not including Jack’s Country Store
    1. Accounts Payable: $41,839.34
    2. Payroll: $195,753.88

Commissioner Downer made a motion to approve the consent agenda as presented, seconded by Commissioner Long. Motion carried.


Jack’s Country Store

  1. June 19th, 2018 expenses for a total of $253.05

Commissioner Long made a motion to approve the expenses for Jack’s Country Store, seconded by Commissioner Hill. Commissioner Downer abstained. Motion carried.


Guests and Public Comments: None


Presentations and Special Events: None


Secretary’s Report: (Report Attached)

  1. BIAS Treasurer’s Report
  2. Monthly Budget Position Report, May 2018
  3. 2017 Cash Flow Statement
  4. 2017 Cash Flow Projection
  5. Systems Design Collection Statistics


Calendar Items and Upcoming Events

  1. July 17th, 2018 – Regular Commissioner’s Meeting, Station 21-1, 4:00 p.m.


Correspondence: None


Old Business:

  1. Silver Star Telecom Internet

DS Meling explained that the final cost of internet and phone service with Silver Star is too much. As shown on the spreadsheet provided, we would be paying about an additional $4,000 per year just for phone service through Silver Star. If we only add their internet service to our current CenturyLink phone and fax service, it will cost an additional $1,700.

Commissioner Long asked if there were any fees to unbundle our services with CenturyLink.

DS Meling stated that she was unsure but could look into it.

Commissioner Downer made a motion to approve switching internet providers to Silver Star Telecom subject to there being no extra cost to unbundle service with CenturyLink, seconded by Commissioner Long. Motion carried.


New Business:

  1. Secretary of State Grant Agreement – OSOS No. G-6060: Needs Approval

Commissioner Hill stated that this line item was housekeeping. He had already directed DS Meling to sign the agreement and mail it back at the time of receipt.


Commissioner Downer made a motion to direct the District Secretary to sign this agreement, seconded by Commissioner Long. Motion carried.


  1. GEMT Interim Rate Cost Per Transport

Chief Brundage explained that we have to choose how we are going to receive our GEMT amount in the future. There are 3 options.

  1. We could receive a reimbursement with each transport payment, but we might end up owing money.
  2. We could receive a reimbursement with each transport payment, but we could withhold a portion of it, decreasing the chance of owing money.
  3. We could receive one lump sum so that we don’t own any money back.

Chief Brundage stated that he and AC Weatherby recommend that we receive the payment in one lump sum.

Commissioner Downer stated that he would like to play it safe so that there are no surprises to cash flow since this is our learning year.

Commissioner Downer made a motion to accept the Chief’s recommendation.

Discussion ensued.

Commissioner Long stated that if we choose the option to receive payments with withholdings, we could get some cash flowing.

Chief Brundage stated that we don’t know what all of our costs are, such as the State’s fee, and that he would rather wait for a lump sum.

Seconded by Commissioner Long. Motion carried.


District Chief’s Report: (Report Attached)

  1. AC Karvia Report – None
  2. AC Weatherby’s Report – Absent
  3. Pub Ed Coordinator Karvia’s report – See attached report


Commissioner’s Reports

  1. Tom Downer – None, but he would like to request an Executive Session
  2. Fred Hill – None
  3. Dennis Long – None


Personnel Information:  There are two Firefighters on medical leave due to the birth of their babies.


Good of the Order: None


Commissioner Hill called for an Executive Session at 16:24 for Pension and Relief Board meeting. Regular session resumed at 16:25.


Executive Session: Commissioner Hill called for an Executive Session lasting 5 minutes for legal matters and 10 minutes for personnel matters at 16:25. Fire Chief Brundage was in attendance. No decisions were made. Regular session resumed at 16:50.


Meeting adjourned at 16:50.


FRED H. HILL, Commissioner
THOMAS L. DOWNER, Commissioner
DENNIS A. LONG, Commissioner
Attest: JAMIE MELING, District Secretary

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