Minutes of Special Commissioner’s Meeting – September 8, 2017

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Commissioner McLeod established that a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 17:00. The meeting was held at Station 1, located at 26109 Ridge Avenue, Ocean Park, WA 98640.  Attendance at the meeting included:

Commissioner Greg McLeod
Commissioner Fred Hill
Commissioner Tom Downer
Fire Chief Jacob Brundage
Assistant Chief Mike Karvia
Assistant Chief Brad Weatherby
Battalion Chief Doug Knutzen
Captain Mike DeConto
Firefighter/PM Jeff Archer
Firefighter/EMT Nick Hansen
Intern Firefighter/EMT Natasha Luce
Association President Kerry Jones
Association Vice President Natalie St. John
Association Treasurer James Gaerlan
Pub. Ed Coordinator Lani Karvia
District Secretary Jamie Meling


Guests and Public Comments:

Brian McLeod was in attendance at the meeting.


New Business:

  1.  Firefighter Association Discussion

Commissioner McLeod explained that he has called this joint meeting with the North and South ends of the Association and the District to “unscrew” something. He explained that it is an Association issue and that he was not going to give details on how or why; he just wants it fixed. There has been a disallowance of non-profit status by the IRS. Commissioner McLeod wants the Association’s and the Board’s approval to fix the mess. There are two separate funds, and the lack of communication among the Association is what caused this issue.


Association President Jones stated that he is confused about the situation. He states that Commissioner McLeod needs to go with him to Edward Jones. Edward Jones has frozen all Association assets. They see the Association as two entities with two accounts using the same EIN.


Commissioner McLeod stated that is doesn’t matter how this happened, at this point it just needs to be fixed. The issue is to get the Association reinstated.


Association Vice President St. John asked Commissioner McLeod to specify why the status is suspended and what needs to be done in order to reinstate.


Battalion Chief Knutzen informed that the last three years of filings have not been done. The Firefighter’s Association is one association which has two separate bank accounts. The whole Association has allowed the EIN to expire.


Association Vice President St. John stated that Edward Jones put a red flag on the accounts last year.

Association President Jones informed that the internal policy of Edward Jones is to not use the same EIN on more than one account. This is what has caused the red flags.


Battalion Chief Knutzen stated that we are going to work on reinstating the EIN. To do that, we must go back three years and complete the returns. After this is complete, we will go back and address the two separate Associations issue.

Association President Jones informed that he has signed a Power of Attorney to allow Commissioner McLeod to file these past returns.


Association Vice President St. John questioned how to fix the problem if there is no knowledge of who is in charge. She stated that as the Vice President of the Association, how we got to this point.


Battalion Chief Knutzen stated that the EIN and Edward Jones account discussion are two separate discussions.


Commissioner McLeod asked what the problem is with one person fixing this.


Battalion Chief Knutzen reiterated that we are taking care of this problem.


Association Vice President St. John stated that she has documents that go back to the late 1970’s.


Battalion Chief Knutzen stated that fingers are not being pointed; we are only trying to fix the current problem. He continues by informing that the State and the Federal numbers have two separate names for the same Association. There are also three addresses on file – one in Ocean Park , one in Seaview, and one in Ilwaco.


Commissioner Downer stated that the “fire should be put out, and then the caused can be determined.”


Commissioner Hill made a motion to make Commissioner McLeod in charge of fixing the Firefighter’s Association tax exempt status, seconded by Commissioner Downer. Discussion ensued.


Association Vice President St. John stated that she would like to see all returns before they are filed.


Commissioner McLeod agreed to this. He then encouraged VP St. John to contact him if she had any questions during the process.


Commissioner McLeod questioned if anyone had any further problems with this situation.


Association Vice President St. John stated she did not. She just wants this fixed so that it doesn’t happen in the future.


Commissioner McLeod asked Association Treasurer Gaerlan if he had any questions.


Association Treasurer Gaerlan stated that he did not


Commissioner McLeod stated that the discussion is finished.


Motion carried.


  1. St 21-1 Drainage Bid

AC Weatherby explained that the bid provided is the only bid for the drainage project that was received. He contacted Hills, DPR, Woody’s, and Big River. Woody’s was the only responsible bidder that could make the short timeline provided by Peninsula Pharamacy’s project. Our drainage project was completed in one day by Woody’s. If we could not finish the job this week, we would have had to pay more for the project.

Commissioner Hill made a motion to approve the estimate of $5,184.00 from Woody’s Septic Specialities, Inc. to complete the drainage project, seconded by Commissioner Downer. Motion carried.


Good of the Order: None


Meeting adjourned at 17:20.



GREGORY D. McLEOD, Commissioner
THOMAS L. DOWNER, Commissioner
FRED H. HILL, Commissioner

JAMIE MELING, District Secretary

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