Volunteers Make a Difference

Pacific County Fire District #1 is always looking for new volunteers. Whether your interests are in firefighting, fire prevention and education, Emergency Medical Services, or in supporting emergency responders and administrative staff, we have a place for you!

Some of the benefits of volunteering with the District are:

  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Paid On-call and Standby shifts
  • Life insurance and injury protection
  • Scholarships for continuing education
  • Retirement plan for emergency responders
  • Valuable skills to use and share with your community

Firefighter Training

The Volunteer Firefighter Academy is 200+ hours. Classes are held evenings and weekends over a 17-week period. This course will provide you with basic structural firefighting skills and will prepare you for certification as a Firefighter 1. The course is a combination of academics, hands-on, rescue exercises and live-fire scenarios. Upon completion of the Firefighter Academy, new firefighters will be closely mentored and supervised by their Station Officers. This ensures that members are fully capable of operating safely in the firefighting environment.

Emergency Medical Services

Over 80% of Fire District 1’s responses are for medical emergencies. There is a high demand for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Volunteers interested in becoming EMTs or First Responders can get their training and on-scene experience at the same time, through Fire District 1. The EMT-B course is 120+ hours in length and spans a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Classes are held evenings and weekends. The First Responder course is approximately 40 hours in length. Both courses involve academic and hands-on training, and include ride-along opportunities with department emergency medical personnel. The courses are designed to prepare you for your National Registry Certification test.

Support Division

The Support Division is made up of volunteers who want to assist the Fire District, but are not interested in responding to emergencies. Numerous support roles such as scene support, public education, and administrative support, and photography are available for prospective members.

Volunteer Applications:

Becoming a volunteer starts with the application process. To download an application, click here: Volunteer Application.

Return completed applications to Pacific County Fire District #1: P.O. Box 890, Ocean Park, WA  98640, or drop it off at the District Administrative Office: 26110 Ridge Avenue in Ocean Park.