Regular Meeting – December 17, 2013

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Commissioner McLeod established that a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 16:00. The meeting was held at Station 1, located at 26109 Ridge Avenue, Ocean Park, WA98640.  Attendance at the meeting included:

Commissioner Greg McLeod, Commissioner Fred Hill, Commissioner Tom Downer, Fire Chief Jacob Brundage, Division Chief Mike Karvia, Division Chief David Hood, District Secretary Brandy Ferguson, Pub. Ed. Coordinator Connie Biggs, Captain Agnes Waliser, Firefighter Daniel Mullery, Lieutenant Lani Karvia, Volunteer Firefighter Kerry Jones

Consent Agenda

  1. Minutes of Regular Commissioner’s meeting held on November 19th, 2013
  2. Minutes of Special Commissioner’s meeting held on December 9th, 2013
  3. November 19th, 2013 amended vouchers in the amount of $232,318.45
    1. Vouchers 1311001 through 1311095
  4. December 2nd, 2013 vouchers in the amount of $1,464.48
    1. Voucher 1312001 through 1312007
  5. December 17th, 2013 vouchers in the amount of $204,291.76
    1. Vouchers 1312008 through 1312089

Commissioner Hill moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Commissioner Downerl. Motion carried.

Commissioner McLeod called for an Executive Session at 16:02 for Pension and Relief Board meeting. Regular session resumed at 16:03.

Guests and Public Comments: None.

Presentations and Special Events: Chief Brundage will wait until January to do Presentation for Volunteers as some members needed more notice, rescheduled for January 21st, 2013 at 5 pm.

Secretary’s Report: (attached)

  1. Financial Summary of Cash Receipts and Disbursements
    1. DNR Chinook Mobilization Reimbursement has been submitted and is in process.
  2. Monthly Budget Report, November 2013
  3. Systems Design – Attached
  4. Grant Update
    1.        SAFER09 – Reimbursement for September / October in progress
    2.        DNR Grant
      1. Training / Radios 2013 – $5,596.00 reimbursement submitted.

Calendar Items and Upcoming Events

  1. January 21, 2014– Regular Board of Commissioner’s Meeting, St 1, 4pm


  1. WFCA Health Care Program – Notice of Health Care Committee Vacancy

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business:

  1. Resolution # 2013-07 Emergency Medical Services Regular Levy

Commissioner Hill moved to approve Resolution # 2013-07 Emergency Medical Services Regular Levy, seconded by Commissioner Downer.  Motion carried.

  1. Resolution # 2013-11 Adopt WFCA Dental Agreement

Commissioner Hill moved to approve Resolution # 213-11Adopt WFCA Dental Agreement, seconded by Commissioner Downer.  Motion carried.

  1. Union Contract

Will discuss in Executive Session at the end of the Board Meeting.

District Chief’s Report: (attached)

Chief Brundage has been working with Chief Glasson of Long Beach Volunteer Fire Department on the advantage of GPS mapping for aid calls. Currently Pre-fire plans are listed in Emergency Reporting, the GPS technician Mark Scott has access to those records on Emergency Reporting and can link pre-fire plans to the maps. Firefighter/EMT Haldeman has an education in GIS and is familiar with the program. Chief Glasson also expressed interest in doing joint Inter-Local Purchasing Agreements.

Chief Brundage has continued exchanges with WSRB, the District can send them info to reinstate the Surfside Station to a class 7. The process will take at least 30 days to reflect any changes to WSRB.

Commissioner McLeod remarked that the District needed to provide the public with information on the upcoming EMS Levy before the February 11th election.

  1. DC Karvia Report – Training burn last week had a good turnout with 38 showed for training. Members of Wahkiakum, Naselle and Long Beach were present for training. DC Karvia is working with Abe Rommel to co-instruct a class about Cadet Programs. At the upcoming Washington Fire Chief’s Training Officer Conference.
  2. DC Hood Report – Will start the EMT class in January, currently there are 13 students enrolled. 1 Student is challenging and 10 are District members.

Public Education Coordinator Report – Will be attending the Fire & Life Safety Public Educator training. Chief Brundage stated that Connie also spend last week teaching CPR to 49 high school students.

Commissioner’s Reports

  1. Tom Downer – Nothing to report.
  2. Fred Hill – Will not be present at the February meeting.
  3. Greg McLeod – Nothing to Report.

 Personnel Information:

Good of the Order: Chief Brundage stated that the District has submitted an AFG Grant application for $25,000 for nozzles which could make the District NFPA compliant.

Executive Session: Personnel Performance

Commissioner McLeod called for an executive session at 16:55 to discuss Personnel Performance, a decision will be made in regular session.

Regular meeting resumed at 17:10.

Commissioner Hill moved to approve Chief Brundage to sign the Union Contract, seconded by Commissioner Downer. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 17:15 pm by Commissioner McLeod.


GREGORY D. McLEOD, Commissioner                 THOMAS L. DOWNER, Commissioner


FRED HILL, Commissioner  


BRANDY FERGUSON,  District Secretary

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