The Operations Division is comprised of two manned stations of firefighters who work alternating shifts. Each is supervised by a Captain who is responsible for the emergency and administrative activities of all the members assigned to that shift. The shifts consists of five career firefighters.


Firefighters do much more than just fight fires. They provide a wide variety of services within the community such as:

  • Ensuring fire permit requirements are complied with and are current.
  • Provide emergency medical services.
  • Perform non-emergency community service calls such as smoke detector and lock box installation.
  • Provide stand-by medical support at large public events.
  • Perform investigations of suspicious fires.
  • Work within the community to educate and raise general awareness on issues of fire safety.
  • Provide “walk-in” blood pressure screenings.
  • Perform Business Pre-Incident Planning.


The personnel of Fire District 1 are trained to respond to varying types of incidents. These include fire, medical, motor vehicle accidents, and hazardous material spills. The District has two engine companies that are staffed 24 hours a day; one engine is at the north end of the peninsula, and one engine at the south end of the peninsula.