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Pacific County Fire District 1


PCFD#1 History
In 1937, Mr. Charles Fitzpatrick was given a grant from the State of Washington to form a fire brigade to protect the timber and the grass lands on the Long Beach Peninsula. With that grant, the Ocean Park – Nahcotta Fire Department was created. The department was not supported by tax dollars, but by donations. The Ocean Park – Nahcotta Fire Department built their first fire truck from an old Chevrolet flat bed truck, a culvert pipe, and a small air-cooled pump.
Fire protection districts were formed on March 1, 1939 when State Legislators passed laws that gave fire districts taxing authority. Pacific County Fire Protection District #1 was formed on October 7, 1940. Since then, many changes have taken place as the Ocean Park – Nahcotta Fire Department has evolved into Pacific County Fire Protection District 1.
The District bought its first commercially built fire truck in 1961 for a price of $19,000.00. This truck was in service until approximately 1993. In the late 1970’s, the volunteers from District 1 began responding to calls for medical aid. In 1989, the District became involved in water rescue in the surf along the ocean beaches. In 1998, the District began providing ALS ambulance service with paid employees on duty 24 hours a day.
Today, the District has both career and volunteer personnel that respond from five fire stations. Pacific County Fire District 1 members are trained to provide fire suppression and emergency medical services, as well as hazard mitigation, fire prevention, and disaster response to citizens of the Long Beach Peninsula in Southwestern Washington.