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Emergency Medical Services

Pacific County Fire District 1 began providing advanced medical life support to South Pacific County in 1998. As of 2018 eighty-nine percent (89%) of the calls to Fire District 1 are requests for medical assistance. In addition to answering 911 calls, the District also responds to local hospitals and extended care facilities for transport of patients to higher level care facilities in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Vancouver, and Portland.

Delivery of pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) requires a high level of skill and expertise; and, as in the hospital and clinical settings, medical technology changes frequently. Fire District 1 strives to keep abreast of these changes through Continuing Medical Education (CME) and by reviewing and testing the newest and most up-to-date equipment. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) today provide some of the most advanced pre-hospital emergency care known to the world. Paramedics and EMTs can provide many of the highly technical treatments that are administered in hospital emergency rooms.

EMR and EMT Classes

EMS Training: Through progressive EMS training, approximately 78% of all Pacific County Fire District 1’s career and volunteer members are Washington State certified Paramedics, EMT’s, or First Responders. Continuing education is a vital part of maintaining a high level of knowledge and expertise in emergency services.

Training is conducted through an On-going Training and Evaluation Program (OTEP), and through specialized classes, seminars, and conferences. Both methods are approved by the Washington State Department of Health who regulates EMS services in our state. OTEP requirements can be found in WAC 246-976-161. OTEP classes are scheduled on the third Monday of every month.

The members of Pacific County Fire District 1 are career and volunteer firefighters, EMS certified personnel, administrative staff and volunteer support staff. Working together, we provide our community with the best fire protection and medical aid service available. A quick emergency response, combined with the professionalism and expertise of our members have shown community residents that we can be trusted and counted on, no matter what the emergency.


As in humans, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency technique used when an animal has stopped breathing and has no heartbeat. It involves rescue breathing (mouth-to-snout resuscitation) and chest compressions.

Knowing what to do during those first few moments can save your pet’s life. The most competent veterinarian will not be able to bring your dog or cat back once he has expired, but by knowing the life-saving skills of CPR, you can keep your furry friend’s cardio and pulmonary organs working until professional medical help is available.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Pacific County Fire District #1 is always looking for new volunteers. Whether your interests are in firefighting, fire prevention and education, Emergency Medical Services, or in supporting emergency responders and administrative staff, we have a place for you!

Some of the benefits of volunteering with the District are:

  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Paid On-call and Standby shifts
  • Life insurance and injury protection
  • Scholarships for continuing education
  • Retirement plan for emergency responders
  • Valuable skills to use and share with your community